Pick a Tool

Certain tools make it easier to check your design, code, and content for accessibility before it goes public. The following tools can catch many of the most common errors, freeing up your bandwidth to tackle more difficult accessibility issues.


A browser extension that can run on any web page, WAVE catches common errors, such as incorrectly labeled headings and missing alt text. It also shows the exact line of code where a problem exists so you can hop in and fix it.


SortSite spiders an entire website and organizes the results by issue, listing all URLs that have each issue. Once you have that list, you can go through and tackle the problems by issue, which can be handy if you want to tackle a big problem, like missing alt text, all at once.

A Caveat

These tools are helpful, but try not to treat them like a crutch. Even if one tool says your site passes with flying colors, that doesn't mean your site addresses all the complexities of accessibility, such as if headings are unmarked or if each clickable element can receive keyboard focus. The limits of these tools lead us to our next accessibility recommendation, which is to validate your code.